Admission Essay Writing

Students all over the world have to graduate and move ahead in terms of their education. From pre-school, junior-school, high school and eventually to college or university. At their last stage, before they join college or university, they have to write an admission essay as they apply to be enrolled in respective colleges and universities.

An admission essay is a self-evaluation put down in writing. This essay speaks about a student’s educational abilities, character and most important reasons as to why they would like to join a particular institution. It is an essential piece of writing, and a student should put in all the effort to make it excellent and convincing. Application_essay

To write a great admission essay, a student has to follow some guidelines and tips that have proven to be the best over time.

  1. Be focused and concentrate on one subject as opposed to spreading yourself wide and thin. Doing this will help your reader follow your story from start to end. Ask a friend or a family member to read the introduction and tell you their genuine thoughts.


  1. Be as factual as much as possible. Tell a story about yourself that has facts as opposed to showing your reader about yourself. Own the essay in short.


  1. Write the admission essay in your own voice. Do not use phrases that have been used by others in the past. “The world is getting better by the day” or “there has been so much environmental degradation” etc use of the first person is highly recommended though moderately.


  1. Write about a topic that will highlight you. Look at your strengths and put more emphasis on them. Write about aspects that are not covered elsewhere in the application. Be creative and share a personal story.


  1. Last but not least, have a friend, parent or teacher proofread your admission essay and go ahead to ask them if the essay sounds like you. Some grammar checking software may miss some errors so you cannot rely on them 100 percent.


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