African relations – History homework help

Unit 11 focuses on the relations between African countries and the United States. You are tasked with expanding on the conversation by writing a 2-page paper focusing on any one of the following topics. For any topic you choose, provide whenever it is applicable information about:

1) when the relations started,

2) the purpose, mission, and implications of the relations

3) the impacts of these relations for the US and for Africa. here it is:



  1. The role of the United States in the decolonization movement in Africa in the 1960s
  2. Compare the US-Africa relations under President John F. Kennedy and President Barack Obama.
  3. The African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA)
  4. The US military command AFRICOM
  5. The role of the US. Agency for international Development (US AID) in development in Africa
  6. US-Liberia relations
  7. US – Egypt relations
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