Art essay

Please answer the following essay questions in your own words and own voice. Use examples  from the textbook and class discussions. You will need to cite your sources  (i.e., Author, pg#) and include a works cited. Good essays will have an  introduction, main body paragraph(s) and a brief conclusion. Try to avoid  clichés like “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Instead make arguments and  back them up with material from our reading and discussion. Please  save your file as a docx or .doc file and include your last name as part of the file  name. Please proof read your essays for spelling and grammar. Please read “how  to submit an assignment” on the assignment instructions page.

  1. Please discuss the term “new media.” Describe the major elements and tools used. Please include specific artists and examples of their work from the textbook and lecture notes.700 words total
  2. Why is the section on Minimalism called “The End of Art?” Discuss and explain. Use specific examples from the textbook  700 words total


book source:

The Power of Art (with or withoutCourseMate printed access card)Lewis3rd ed.


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