Article Critique template

Running head: INSERT ABBREVIATED TITLE HERE                                                                         1







This is the Title of My Article Critique

My Name

Course Name

Lamar University


Repeat Your Title Here

This is where you introduce the purpose and format of the paper (Note that you do not type “Introduction”). Keep in mind that each section you create (under each subheading you create) will need at least one paragraph (i.e. a minimum of three sentences).

Introduction and Problem Statement

Here is where you will outline the introduction and problem statement of your article.

Major Strengths of the Article

Here is where you will discuss the major strengths of the article.

Major Weaknesses or Gaps in the Article

Here is where you will discuss the major weaknesses or gaps in the article.

Two Future Areas of Research

Here is where you will discuss two future areas of research identified by the article.


Type your conclusion here.





(Notice that this starts on a new page. To make sure it stays on its own page, use Insert>Page Break.)Your reference(s) will follow the general format below and will be double spaced without additional spaces between. Be sure to consult your APA manual for specific instructions on reference formatting.

LastName, FirstInitials. (year). Title of article in lower case unless first word, proper noun, or following a colon. Journal Title in Italics, volume, (issue), 00-00. Instructions:

  1. Using the APA template provided, complete your article critique and submit it to Blackboard.
  2. Summary must include all five criteria:
    1. Introduction and Problem Statement
    2. Major strengths in the articles.
    3. Major weaknesses or gaps in the article
    4. Two future areas of research from the article.
    5. Conclusion

Click the link below to access an article (select one):

Use the attached Article Critique APA Template to complete the assignment.

Your article critique is due at 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Day 7





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