Artifact for Principles of Business class

Introduction to Management Report


Managing a Business






Based on a company you will create, type five page report describing the management style you will utilize in your new business. The focus of the paper is to apply a management style in your place of business. State the specific management style you will utilize and explain why you selected the management style. Describe the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling methods you will be implementing. The management philosophy must be consistent throughout the paper. Example: The leadership and controlling styles must be consistent with the management style. Include specific business concepts and terminology in the report.




The following information must be included in your report:


  • Planning
    • Include the company’s strategic plan: the mission statement, vision statement, organizational goals, and general strategies.
      • State how you will allocate your resources. Example: state the technology you will utilize.
    • State if you will export your product or service.
    • Describe how social/cultural, legal/political, economic, competitive, and technologicalenvironmental forces will affect your business.
    • Include how your company will promote social responsibility.
  • Organizing
    • Develop the organizational design for your company.
      • Explain the organization structure that your company will utilize and state why you selected the structure.
      • Locus of decision making: State if your company will use decentralized decision making, centralized decision making, or both. Explain why you selected the locus of decision making.
      • Integrating mechanisms: Explain how you will ensure the individual work groups/departments work together to reach organizational goals.
    • Create an organization chart in Power Point.



  • Leading
    • State the specific leadership approach you will utilize. Explain why you selected the leadership approach.
    • State the benefits you will offer employees, including the benefits that are required by law.
    • Describe how you will motivate employees. Include at least one motivation theory.
    • Describe how you will communicate information to your employees.
  • Controlling
    • State the specific control philosophy you will utilize. Explain why you selected the control philosophy.
    • Include a written code of ethics for your organization.


      The report must be double-spaced and typed in APAformat. Include a Reference Page and cite within the paper.


      Please note: Copying material from any source (newspapers, magazines, journals, books, textbooks, films, the Internet, etc.) without proper APA citations and quotation marks is considered plagiarism. Copying other students’ work, including partial sentences also constitutes plagiarism. The work must be entirely in your own words.You will receive a “zero” if the paper is plagiarized.

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