business Ethics topic essay. The topic is Patagonia.

Summary of Patagonia’s Social Responsibility

  • Provides its direct employees generous benefits, health care, paid parental leave, and paid off time for environmental internships.
  • Since Patagonia doesn’t own any of their factories, they go to great measures to insure that they only work with factories who share their social and environmental values.
  • Patagonia goes above and beyond most companies in regard to their efforts to improve working conditions in developing countries and require their social standards to be followed.
  • Another major factor that Patagonia considers is the environmental impact that each factory has on the local community and environment.

This is a business Ethics topic essay. The topic is Patagonia.

Need To do:

  • Patagonia’s Devotion To Their Employees
    • Talk about what they provide to their employees, benefits health care etc
  • Book example to relate to their employee benefits


Need use the outside sources and with link for me.

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