EDU 352 Week Five Blog Post – EXEMPLAR

On the same page with the top five educational technology tools , explain why you chose each tool and how it can be used to enhance student learning.(  please add to word doc and with the  link to pinterest.)



will sent it through your messages

Checklist for This Assignment

  • Choose your top five educational technology tools. 

  • The five educational tools I selected include;
    1. Twitter
    2. Google slides
    3. Keynote
    4. Prezi
    5. YouTube
  • Create a Pinterest board with the following for each tool:(  send me the link)
    • The name of the tool
    • The home page for the tool
    • An educational example of using the tool to enhance student learning

EDU 352 Week Five Blog Post – EXEMPLAR (I hope this can help/give you idea)


Here is a blog that a previous student created. The student has agreed to allow you to view their blog a s guide to create your own and to post in their space as well. This student had to create a new blog with Weebly because WordPress did not allow them add the Pinterest widget. Thus, they added widgets at the bottom of the page along with the original blog post.

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