Health and Wellness Project

Part 1

Topic and Annotated Bibliography


For Part 1 of the Health and Wellness Project, you must:


  1. State the topic you plan to address in your Health and Wellness Project.
  2. Create an annotated bibliography that includes at least 5 scholarly (peer reviewed or government sources) and current (published within the last five years) you are considering for use in your project, one of which must be your textbook. You must cite each source in current APA format.
  3. Include a 50–100-word explanation below each citation of how you plan to use the source or why you think the source will be useful for your project.
  4. Your completed document will include a title page, a sentence clearly stating your specific topic, the annotated bibliography that lists your references and your explanations.  Order it in such a way that the full reference in APA style format is listed first, then your explanation of how you will use this source in your project, repeat for each reference.








Part 2

Topic Proposal, Rationale, and References Page


Select one of the following formats for your project:


  1. Create a parent newsletter.
  2. Create 5 activity plans that you can use in your preschool classroom to teach your chosen topic.


Based on feedback you received on Part 1 of the project, revise and finalize your topic choice and submit a rationale of 200–250 words describing the reason for selecting your topic, the format your project will take, and the concepts you will cover. Include at least 1 NAEYC standard which supports the rationale for your project.


Using feedback you received on Part 1 of the project, revise your reference page to correct any APA errors.  You must include a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, one of which must be your textbook.


Be professional in your writing. Refer to your students in one of the following ways: students, children, preschoolers, or young children. Referring to students as “kids” is not a good choice when writing a professional educational paper.


Submit the above information in a single Word document (.doc or .docx format).


Part 3

Practical Classroom Application and Introductory Paper


  1. Practical Classroom Application

You must select one of the following project formats in which to complete the Practical Classroom Application portion of Health and Wellness Project Part 3.


  1. Create a parent newsletter.
  • Create a 2–4-page newsletter.
  • Include home and school activities that reinforce the topic.
  • Include additional resources for parents.
  • Be creative in your use of technology in format, graphics, and design.
  • You must cite and reference the applicable NAEYC standard(s) in addition to your sources.


  1. Create 5 activity plans that you can use in your preschool classroom to teach your chosen topic. Use the activity plan template found in the Assignment Instructions folder. Be creative. Each activity plan must include the following:
  • Target age group;
  • Applicable NAEYC Standard(s);
  • Discipline focus;
  • A corresponding children’s book;
  • Materials required for the activity;
  • Detailed instructions on how you will implement the plan;
  • Biblical integration (Bible verse, story, or application); and
  • Technology integration.


1 title page and 1 reference page may be submitted inclusively for all 5 activity plans.


  1. Introductory Paper

In addition to your Practical Classroom Application, you must submit an Introductory Paper.


Address the following items in your Introductory Paper:

  • the age group;
  • the target topic; and
  • an explanation of each of the activities in the activity plan or points addressed in the presentation or newsletter, as well as the application, reference, and citation of the NAEYC Standards.


Your paper must include the following sections:

  • a title page;
  • 2 pages of content;
  • a references page with a minimum of 4 sources (2 scholarly sources, your textbook, and NAEYC).


All parts of this assignment must conform to current APA format. Additional resources for scholarly writing and APA format are available online through tutorials and resources at the Online Writing Center.


  1. Submission of the Health and Wellness Project

Review the grading rubric to be sure that you have included all the components of your chosen method.  Attach the Introductory Paper (a Word document) and presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi or Adobe Slate), parent newsletter, or activity plan via LiveText. Be sure to upload all documents for the project before you click “Submit.” Your assignment grade will be posted in Blackboard, but the full grading comments will be in LiveText.






For the big picture of how each part of this project is related to the whole project, see the Health and Wellness Project Overview document.


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