History Essay

The final paper (minimum 3000 words) for this course should build on the work you completed in the first essay. Identify a topic or theme of focus from the pamphlet that you worked on in your first essay. For example, some of the pamphlets deal with US imperialism, class oppression, or Cold War politics. Identify at least five academic books or articles on this topic and write an essay that provides the background for the historical context and content of your original pamphlet and at least one additional pamphlet or source from the same collection. You may incorporate arguments and analysis from your first paper into this assignment as well. In short, the paper should make an argument about some aspect of China’s revolutionary history, and then demonstrate how that aspect was portrayed and communicated in propaganda and mass education materials. 


 First, students will skim the selection of pamphlets available in digital format at the Center for Research Libraries Global Resource Network (https://dds.crl.edu/search/collection/1).


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