The National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC)

The purpose of this assignment is to explore how theframework for effective homeland security design making can be used to support effective homeland security strategic planning. You have been directed to write a policy memo for your boss, who is the State A Director of the Emergency Management Agency. Using the resources provided below, as well information from resources you identify through your own research efforts, your assignment is to construct a briefing memo of 900–1,200 words that focuses on the instructions posed below.

Assignment Guidelines

    • Assumption: Your boss knows little about how to use strategic planning as a framework for effective homeland security decision making.
    • Address the following in 900–1,200 words:
      • Assignment: Your assignment is to develop a briefing memo that provides the basics on government strategic planning at an executive level, so that your boss better understands how to use strategic planning as a framework for effective homeland security decision making. Your briefing should include the following:
        • What is strategic planning?
        • What is the generic government strategic planning process?
        • What are some of the successful government strategic planning processes in use today, and why are they successful?
        • What are the current trends in government strategic planning?
        • Do you have any thoughts on the future of government strategic planning?
        • Conclude your memo with the 5 most important concepts and ideas that you think your boss should take away from your briefing memo.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


The National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) was created based on the recommendation by the 9/11 Commission, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in September 2001, in an effort to eliminate duplication and create a more effective way to organize and evaluate terrorism-related intelligence. According to the Commission, the NCTC should be the center for joint operational planning and joint intelligence.

You are an FBI intelligence analyst assigned to the NCTC and have just received information from the FBI’s New York field office that a suspected terrorist will be traveling from New York City to Lahore, Pakistan sometime next week. The New York field office has also informed you that this individual may be meeting with other suspected terrorists in Pakistan to attend a terrorist training camp in the Northwest region of the country. The FBI received this information from a human intelligence (HUMINT) source with direct access to the reported information.

Assignment Guidelines

  • For this assignment, you must write a paper discussing how the NCTC will utilize the information received from the FBI to resolve this threat.
  • Address the following in 1,000–1,250 words:
    • How does the NCTC function within the USIC? Explain.
      • How will the NCTC integrate this threat report into the USIC and draw on intelligence resources?
    • What is the process by which the NCTC would plan and coordinate joint intelligence operations to effectively combat terrorism? Explain.
      • Which law enforcement and intelligence partner organizations would NCTC plan and coordinate with to resolve this threat?
    • What is the NCTC’s role in leading strategic analysis, pooling all sources of intelligence, and developing assessments and warnings? Explain.
      • How will the NCTC utilize this information to provide warning and prevent future threats to U.S. national security?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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