Research Project Assignment Guidelines Part Two: Case Study

Research Project Assignment Guidelines

Part Two: Case Study


Over the course of the semester, you will be researching a topic of your choice (related to the class topic, of course), culminating at the end of the semester in a 15-page research paper (with a literature review and case study component). If you need to reconsider your topic or talk about any part of the project, please make an appointment to see me.


Your research paper is supposed to follow a standard research paper model, which includes a Literature Review and a Case Study, framed by an Introduction and Conclusion where you present and then review your thesis. Individual components will be explained in class and/or during personal consultations and further material will be provided on Canvas.


The second part of your project is a 8-10 page Case Study which presents the argument you are making in this paper, backed up by evidence you have assembled. You need to use as much credible (!) evidence as you need to make your case, but at least five sources. If you need additional help after we talk this through in class, please first read the Lipson readings (which are on Canvas) and then make an appointment to see me if necessary.


USF’s Learning & Writing Center [] has additional resources – and you might want to pay them a visit if you know you need extra help. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University [bookmark this page:] also has a wealth of material for you to browse, I posted some links for the case study on Canvas last week.


The first draft of your case study is due on April 15 [new deadline!!!] on Canvas.


General Notes:


  • Make sure you follow these General Assignment Guidelines:
  • font size 12 (Times New Roman)
  • double spacing
  • page numbers at bottom of page
  • first page header (with: name, email, assignment/ title, date)
  • APA citation method (see the handout, for more help go to the OWL)
  • works cited page (does not count toward length requirement)
  • If you do not know what plagiarism is (or how to avoid it) – look it up.
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