Term Paper

Class work has to be evaluated now and then. Students have to take tests over a period of designated time to gauge if they have understood what they learned over that period of time. A term paper is the main mode of the evaluation process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Term_paper


A term paper is a long essay written by a student on a particular subject or topic. It is submitted at the end of an academic term and has to be detailed and original. The paper discusses a certain concept, makes and argues a point and an event.

While writing a term paper, a student has to articulate and arrange the paper in a simple, detailed and clear manner.  Below are tips and guidelines of how to write an A class masterpiece.

  1. Choosing a topic

Choose a topic that is of great importance to you. A topic that you will be able to conduct great research on and have a burning desire to answer some questions about.

  1. Undertake research

This is the backbone of writing a great term paper. Indulge in-depth research in making sure that you have as much details as possible.

  1. Have a thesis statement

This is equally important, and your thesis statement should be 30 % of your written term paper.

  1. Have a great outline Arrange your outline in great order too.

Under these,

  1. A title means everything and the easier you get your reader’s attention, the better.
  2. Write your introduction point. Let readers depict what you want to talk about in your paper.
  3. Let your body paragraphs convince the reader. Convince and keep your reader on your term paper till the conclusion.
  4. Write a powerful conclusion. Do not leave your reader hanging. Let your term paper have a great ending.
  5. Use style and spacing. Decide early on the style you will use to write your term paper. Do space your work properly to make it look smart and be readable.
  6. Edit and proofread your paper. Last, look for grammar errors and any other issues.

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