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An essay is a piece of writing by an author expressing his or her views, opinions and arguments towards a certain educational or noneducational goal. With this understanding and knowledge, at Versatilewriters, we offer  top essay writing service worldwide.

There are two main essay classifications.

  1. Formal.
  2. Informal.

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At versatile writers, we pride ourselves as one of the most sought top essay writing service in the world. We offer cheap essay writing service and are unmatched by any other entity.

We have achieved a top essay writing service status by diligently and honestly providing quality and top-notch results to our clients worldwide {see our testimonials} and at agreed timelines.

Our wealth of experience has been achieved by our many years of hard work and a results-oriented mindset. We have delivered on our goals and to our clients exceptionally thus our rating as a top essay writing service.

There are different types and modes of essays that we write for our clients. Below we have highlighted the four major types but we shall discuss others subsequently.

1. Narrative Essays.

This is a storytelling form of an essay. The author narrates a story and involves the reader so that the narrative sinks into the reader. Real life experiences fit this bill perfectly. Writing in the first person and the use of “I” is quite important when writing narrative essays as this portrays what is being read more understandably and cognitively.

2. Descriptive Essays.

This is more of a description. It could be a description of a place, a personality, a country or anything else. In this form of essays, the author has to authoritatively curate a deep meaning/explanation of what is being described.

3. Expository Essays.

This is an informative and educational mode of an essay. In this type, the author cannot use the first person as this would make the piece switch/be similar to the two above mentioned. The writer has to use facts, examples, and statistics while writing. The expository essay type encompasses other sub essay types like:

a. Comparison and contrast essay
b. Cause and effect essay
c. How to/ process essay

4. Persuasive Essays.

This as the expository essay is an informative type of essay. Reviews are the main categories of articles written under persuasive essays. As the word suggests, the writer has to persuade the reader into agreeing with what he/she has written. The writer must use logic, facts, examples, sound reasoning and expert opinion to build their case. The writer must table arguments from both sides and convince the reader why one position is correct.

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Other subcategories of essays are.
Argumentative Essays
Analytical Essays
Research Paper
Admission Essays
Case Study
Thesis Writing
Annotated Bibliography Writing
Book, Literature reviews

Being a top essay writing service provider, we at versatile writers understand and know your needs having worked for some years now and with different people around the globe.

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