Part 1 : Research about involving SCADA….which is UKRAINE POWERPLANT ATTACK

Need 2 pages Research with Reference APA format


Part 2 : need 3 page Description of Industry

  1. What type of industry is this?
  2. What is the importance of this industry to society?

Industrial Control System Processes Employed

  1. List industrial control system processes specific to industry.
  2. List the control systems that control those processes and how they control those processes.
  3. Create a network diagram displaying the interconnections of the industrial control system devices listed in item 3.
  4. For example: Use ICS CERT CSET, Visio, Excel, Word, etc.

    Part 3 ; Need 3 Page

This assignment is a part of your overall final project.  Please make sure to incorporate this assignment to your final project; reference to Week 1 Final Project Template.


Profile ICS Devices

  1. For each ICS device document:
  2. Logical Ports

For example, 80, 443, etc.

  1. Protocols Running

For example, SMTP, SNMP, DNP3, Modbus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, etc.

  1. Physical Connection Types

For example, serial, RJ45, USB, parallel, etc.

  1. Default Accounts:

Research the manufacturer’s information on the device.  Look for default account information to login with.

Check “Default Password List” for an entry:

  1. Services

Research manufacturer’s information on the device and document services running.

  1. Authentication

Research manufacturer’s website for the device and locate information on how the device authenticates users.

  1. Use of Encryption

Research manufacturer’s website for the device and locate information about encryption.  For example, does the device use encrypted connections?  Is the back-end database encrypted?  What type of encryption does it use?  Is public/private key encryption like RSA?

  1. Logging Capability

Research manufacturer’s website for the device and locate information about logging.  Answer questions like is logging enabled?  Are logs stored locally or remotely?

  1. Other Security Documentation

Does the manufacturer have any security related documentation not provided above that would be of use?





Part 4 : Need 2 Page

Identify, Measure, and Manage Risks

  1.         Identify risks:

Risk is a function of M, AV, T, and V:

R = f (M, AV, T, V)

R – risk, M – mission importance, AV – asset values, T – threats, V – vulnerabilities

  1. “What”: what is the problem/challenge in managing risks and auditing the ICS? Explain how you might measure

“Why”: why do you need and want to solve the problem?

                              “How”: how do you economically solve it?

Identify Security Controls

  1. Select security controls based on results from “Industrial Control System Processes Employed” and “Profile ICS Devices”:

Reference either ICS CERT CSET or NIST 800-53, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations,


Part 5 : Need 3 Page

Apply ICS Security Best Practices

  1. NIST 800-82, Industrial Control System Security,
  2. Identify unremediated risks and choose risk strategy: Accept risk, avoid risk, mitigate risk, share risk, transfer risk, combination.

Reference: NIST 800-37, Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems,

Identify Vulnerability Continuous Monitoring Strategy

  1.  Examples:
  2. Nessus – Bandolier modules.
  3. Metasploit – ICS exploits.
  4. Snort
  5. Nmap – Identify ICS “friendly” scans.
  6. Are these IA certified tools?  How so?
  7. For example:
  8. NIAP:
  9. Common Criteria:
  10. For example: Are these tools SCAP-compliant?
  11. Create script rules for baselining each ICS system.
  12. For example scripts rules should audit:
  13. Installed programs.
  14. Users, groups.

iii. Shares.

  1. Services.
  2. Processes.
  3. Etc.

Part 6 need 2 pages



Please revise your rough draft to address three attributes: a) “What”: what is the problem/challenge in managing risks and auditing the ICS, b) “Why”: as an ICS/ SCADA Information Assurance expert, why do you need and want to solve the problem, and c) “How”: how do you economically solve it?


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