Part 1

This assignment will be completed using the computer program Diet and Wellness (in Mindtap).

3 day food records and reports—Diet and Wellness


Create a profile using Diet and Wellness and answer the questions provided.

Record everything that you eat and drink for 3 days using 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day. (Enter and track dietary data into Diet and Wellness).  Be specific with regards to the portion size consumed and the method of preparation.  Also, be sure to break down mixed dishes into their ingredients.


Example:  1 tuna salad sandwich


whole wheat bread                  2 slices (2 oz)

tuna packed in water               4 ounces

mayonnaise                             1 1/2 tablespoons

romaine lettuce                        1/2 cup

tomato                                     2 slices


Read chapters 1-4 of The Portion Teller Plan for information on the portion sizes of foods commonly consumed and available in the marketplace; and for tips and visuals to help you estimate your portion size.


After tracking your dietary intake, Diet and Wellness will generate a variety of reports.


Detailed instructions will be provided and discussed in class.



Part 2

ESSAY: Evaluation of your diet (2-3 pages typed double spaced)


Write a summary statement evaluating your diet.

Compare your diet to current recommendations and guidelines.  Compare your daily food choices to those suggested by the dietary guidelines and USDA’s food icon MyPlate. Evaluate your intake of calories, carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals and compare them to recommendations.  Determine and discuss areas where improvement is desirable.  Make realistic suggestions using actual food choices.


Additional guidelines will be provided and reviewed in class.

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