Dissertation Writing

dissertation writing

What a better way to finalize your academic work in college or university than by having a nice dissertation?  As a student looking forward to completing their course of study, a nicely done dissertation is a thought one cannot wish away. This is because it is a must for a student to write one.

I would say that a dissertation is a rite of passage in educational terms. After submitting your dissertation {Thesis} it is up to your professor, instructor or a panel to have a look at it, mark it and award you points in regards to your performance on how well you have written it.

A dissertation is a formal, detailed and long essay written about the certain subject and is submitted in the course of qualifying for a Ph.D. {Doctor of philosophy} degree. An example would be {Tony talked about the national museums and how they have promoted the growth of culture in Ghana in his doctorate dissertation} dissertation

With this school of thought, what then would come to mind are very vital and important questions?

  1. How do I write a great dissertation
  2. How do I choose a dissertation subject/topic
  3. What should be the length of my dissertation
  4. What is the procedure of writing my dissertation

These guidelines and tips below may not be exhaustive but are based on the four above mentioned important questions. Writing a winning dissertation can be a time consuming and enormous task. Therefore, one has to be meticulous and plan well. This should however not scare a student.

To answer these questions below is a guideline and tips on writing a great dissertation. If you do the following, your dissertation will flow and be mind-blowing.

  1. Do thorough and extensive research on the subject/topic you want to write about.
  2. Follow the laid down academic writing guidelines and procedures.
  3. There is no recommended length for a dissertation. However that being said, your essay should be as detailed as possible.
  4. A global research subject or topic choice will help you in terms of the volume of information you require to write a successful dissertation.
  5. Make sure you edit and proofread your dissertation effectively.
  6. Ask a friend or a family member for their honest feedback after you are through writing.

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