Kuwait Invasion essay

write a reaserech paper consist of three pages about kuwait invasion in 1990 discussing the following:

1) what causes the invasion

2) what happened and when it happened

2) what was going inside the homes and what is the type of violent that was used

3) how kuwaiti was reacted to this invasion and were there a lot of people taken away from their families


Remember it should be 3 pages.

2.) Paraphrase, do not quote from your sources and make sure that all information has an in-text citation.

3.) Be sure your works cited page includes all 5 of your sources and that you have used at least 4 of them for this part of the research.

4.) Please make sure the MLA format for your works cited page is correct and that your sources are in alphabetical order by author’s last name.


5 sources >>>> 3 reliable sources and 2 non-reliable sources.

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