Paper 2 Assignment, 3 pages

Paper 2 Assignment, 3 pages


In this paper, I am asking you to reflect on your philosophy, values, and behavior regarding privacy by putting yourself into “conversation” with 3 texts:

“The Right to Privacy” by Warren and Brandeis

Privacy and Technology in the Twenty-First Century by Mark A. Rothstein

The Dangers of Surveillance by Neil M. Richards


This assignment is surveilling you to see how well you understood the course texts and can apply them reflectively to your own ideas, values, and behaviors. Reflection that does not refer to the course texts will not receive full credit.


Please begin your paper with an introductory paragraph explaining what the paper will do and which texts you will be using. Use the author’s name and text title in the intro paragraph. It is okay to use first-person and to make statements like “this paper will…”


Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself and “answer” in the paper:


  • How have the reading confirmed, complicated, or challenged your thinking about privacy?
  • Has your thinking about privacy changed in response to the readings? If so, which ideas trigged those changes?
  • How do you personally define privacy and how does your definition compare to those of the authors we’ve read?
  • How would you characterize the value that your subculture places on privacy? What does privacy mean in the cultures you belong to?
  • Are there gaps between your beliefs or the value you place on privacy and your behavior? What do you think accounts for that gap?
  • What are your beliefs about privacy and how it should or should not be protected?
  • How do you experience the relationship between privacy and gender, race, or other factors that impact how people relate to you?


Please use at least three short quotes (No longer than 40 words. Give page numbers in parentheses)

Use paraphrase and short quotes

Use signal phrases with the author’s name to introduce quotes.

All quotes from the text must be thoroughly integrated (no “hit and run” quotations).

Do not begin or end of paragraph with a quote.

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