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Develop a good hypothesis for the paper



1I ran the descriptives in spss- file attached

2 data-for  50 states and its showing property crime, violent crime how many on parole how many on probation and the cost for each person


The paper is to be written in Third Person style.
Title Page (not numbered) including title, 100-150 word abstract, 3-5 keywords, your name.
Page 1, title of paper, then begin the introduction. Introduce the theme of the paper, give some general background
knowledge on the subject and conclude with the purpose of the study and what the reader can expect to read in the following
sections. This intro section is probably 1.5 to 2 pages long.
Page 3-4, the literature review of at least the two papers you read earlier. Be sure to emphasize the variables of importance
here since this the reason you are using the variables in the study. This section can be titled “Literature Review”, or
thematically what you are studying, (i.e., the keywords you state on title page). Something like “Weather and Crime.”
Generally this section goes from general information to specific. At the end of this section provide the hypothesis.
Page 5 or so. Here the section can be called “Methods” and you provide details of the study area and describe how and
where you got your data (the why part was already discussed in the literature review). The study area may be the whole
country, a sample of countries, counties, towns or whatever. And if you are doing a survey, describe it, and how you
administered it. Provide a copy of the survey in Appendix A.
Page (next 2-3 pages), Data. Give a complete explanation of each of the variables you are using, and run descriptives and/or
frequencies as appropriate. You should also run correlations and illustrate this in one or two scatterplots. A copy of the data
will be found in the Appendix (A or B as appropriate).
Following this, the Results section is found. This section will probably be 3-4 pages. You will next explore the data by
applying the appropriate parametric and/or non-parametric test. Finally you will prepare a multivariate analysis (multiple
regression most likely) to test your hypothesis. Be sure to introduce what you are doing statistically and why. Then provide
Tables showing the results with your text highlighting the relevant information. Label graphs as Figures and tables as Tables.
At each step of the way, explain what you are doing and why.
After results, a Discussion section will be found (1 page). Here you summarize the key findings thematically. That is, while
you can state the results of the statistics, tell the reader what this means and how the information may be related to other
locations or scenarios.

Finally a Conclusion section is a chance to speculate what could be done better the next time the project is studied,
problems you encountered along the way and a final chance to state the results. This section is probably less than a page.
A Bibliography is found last (APA style), followed by at least the data Appendix. It is expected that this document will be
about 15-20 pages in length.
You must collect data (minimum cases/records n=50). The data may come from a survey or a secondary source. For
example, if you select crime patterns for the US, you must collect data for each of the fifty states. You must provide a copy of
your data in the appendix of your report. Please format the data to fit on one page, if possible. You must include the
source(s) of the data.
It is expected that you will collect at least five variables. Further, based on your research on the topic, you must
identify (and justify) the dependent variable and independent variables. If for example you wish to identify the relationship
between the number of police and factors that may influence the need for police in a state, you could look at number of police
per state (adjusted for the population) and economic growth, crime, number of schools etc. In any case, you must
substantiate why you picked a variable based on your literature review.

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