Solved!! Week 8 Assignment – Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies BUS499 Business Administration Capstone


In this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected and focused on for the assignments, Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness and External and Internal Environments.Research the company on its own website, public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Filing & Forms page, Strayer University’s online databases, the Lexis Advance database, and any other sources you can find. The annual report will often provide insights that can help address some of these questions.Use the Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Template [DOCX] to ensure that your assignment meets the requirements.


Write a 6-8 page paper in which you do the following:

  • Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
  • Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion. 
  • Analyze the competitive environment to determine the corporation’s most significant competitor. Compare their strategies at each level and evaluate which company you think is most likely to be successful in the long term. Justify your choice.
  • Determine whether your choice from Question 3 would differ in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets.
  • Use at least three quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources.
  • Determine business-level and corporate-level strategies for a corporation’s long-term success comparable to the competitive environment.

Expert Answer A+ Week 8 BUS499 Business Administration Capstone

            In this research paper, an Indian public corporation, BSNL, has been chosen to describe its business in globalization, technology, stakeholders, and overall performance. It is a public company in India, and it provides services to individuals, businesses, and households in telecommunications and networking. It was established on October 1st, 2000, and has its headquarters in Delhi. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the company’s official name. It primarily provides mobile-related services, internet-based services, fixed-line, and digital TV-based services. The company employs more than 63,966 people, controlled mainly by the Indian government. To keep people in rural and urban India connected, BSNL offers various specialized telecommunications services. To help its customers run their businesses daily, it offers prepaid and postpaid services. BSNL Corporation’s goal is to become India’s premier telecommunications company, with a regional and international presence in Asia-Pacific. We are committed to providing clients with world-class telecom technology services at low pricing, and we believe that this will have a positive impact on India’s economy. Some goals have been set by BSNL’s management, such as providing consumers with high-quality fixed services and building their trust, being the leading supplier of GSM services, and offering broadband services to more than 20 million Indians. Additionally, BSNL is attempting to achieve the objectives of Indian government policy by better understanding the long-term needs of Indian customers (Buddhapriya, 2018).


Globalization has brought numerous private sector businesses into competition with India’s state-owned BSNL Corporation, including Vodafone, Tata Communications, RCom, and Airtel. BSNL has put a quality-based telecom network for clients by linking rural and urban digital network service-related programs for rural and urban customers. It is currently BSNL’s mission to improve the quality of the country’s telecom network, extend the network, provide new telecom services with ICT applications in rural areas, and retain the loyalty of its customers. Since its inception, it has made an effort to reach all corners. A total of 8.90 million broadband service subscribers are taking advantage of BSNL’s broadband services. BSNL has maintained its telecom monopoly in India by generating a competitive advantage over its rivals by accurately structuring its workforce and enhancing customer satisfaction (Othman et al., 2020). Maintaining complete transparency in the billing system is a major factor behind the recent growth in customer traffic for BSNL Company’s newest technology. It has added more than 20,000 new clients in India monthly.


As a result of the rollout of 3G, 4G, and 5G services, the BSNL Company has benefited from the latest technological innovation. More ports, faster data transmission via optical fibers for customers, and improved infrastructure built with next-generation networks are just a few of the value-added services that BSNL is offering as part of its business strategy. For several years, the BSNL Company has been fiercely competing with commercial telecom operators in India’s rural and urban markets because of its superior services. To enable its clients to converse and send messages, MTNL, a subsidiary of BSNL, has offered landline services to the citizens. Through the many uses of technological advances, BSNL has improved its broadband services to suit the needs of the third generation with superior mobile-based cellular networks, producing enormous customer traffic and earning revenues at a much greater level. In India, BSNL Corporation provides Wi-Fi services to customers at their homes and offices to better manage their work (Pal, 2019).

Industrial Organization Model

Since globalization, the telecom industry has been the most competitive market. As technology in the telecom business has advanced, BSNL has continued to provide its clients with better service, ensuring more satisfaction. With the help of ATM card capabilities, debit cards, and credit cards, the BSNL Company has set up customer service centers where clients may pay their bills, acquire prepaid vouchers, and learn about tariffs. A top-rated service supplied by BSNL Company is the Sanchar net service, which the company established. This corporation has some properties, including factories located around India in places like Kolkata, Kharagpur, Bhilai, and Ranchi, amongst other locales.

Resource-Based Model

            According to the resource-based approach, a company’s resources and capabilities are its greatest asset. A company’s strategy and capacity to produce above-average returns is based on the originality of its knowledge and competencies (Michael, 2020). When it comes to how BSNL has been making above-average returns, the resource model relies on the fact that it has been expanding its customer base. The BSNL Company’s revenue maximization approach has conquered the untapped Indian telecoms market. Efforts to modernize technology, organizational structures, and how services are delivered resulted in better customer results. BSNL’s income leakage is being handled by adopting remedial steps, such as requesting that consumers pay their invoices on time.

To provide a transparent business model to its many stakeholders, such as consumers, workers, banks, law enforcement agencies, fraud, unethical behavior, and illegal actions are not tolerated in its operations. Bills may be generated more quickly thanks to the CDR billing system, which BSNL has been working hard on developing. According to various telecom industry requirements, it has devised acceptable marketing techniques for boosting its business. As BSNL continues to extend its landline and mobile services in India, it has spent more than $4000 million doing so. It has been cutting its administrative expenses to increase its market reach significantly. As a result, the company’s operations have been adversely affected by changes in the global business climate in terms of technology. Because of the resources employed by BSNL Company, it has generated earnings above the industry average (Prasad, 2016).


  By clearly articulating each stakeholder’s demands, the organization’s mission statement has impacted its stakeholders. It is a result of BSNL’s ethical image and commercial growth that all stakeholders have faith in its ethics and success. Stakeholder satisfaction is critical to BSNL’s goal of being the world’s largest telecommunications provider. Aiming to improve stakeholders’ performance, like BSNL workers, the company is training and enlisting its stakeholders to cut costs and increase profitability from its operation. According to research, employee productivity has been shown to correlate with the company’s stated goal and vision.


             Most large corporations have a vision and mission statement that serves as a road map for all of their activities toward achieving that vision. BSNL also has a goal of being the “biggest Telecom Service Provider in South East Asia.” In order to be the largest, BSNL must first grasp what constitutes a huge parameter. It can be measured in terms of revenue, ARPU, profit, subscribers, network (number of exchanges), or business to consumer (B2C) transactions. BSNL’s market share will inevitably decrease as the industry transitions from a monopoly to a multi-operator environment. A company’s mission identifies the markets and customer demographics in which it plans to operate (Michael, 2020).  According to the BSNL Company’s mission statement, its revenues are also distributed to their staffs, who serve their clients better. Employees’ career aspirations are aligned with BSNL Corporation’s strategic priorities to increase productivity and revenues. Thanks to their hard work, workers at BSNL helped the company gain third place in terms of Internet users behind China and America.


Corporations are responsible for providing for their economic well-being and helping those less fortunate in their communities. To gain a foothold in India’s telecom industry, BSNL Corporation’s stakeholders have been depending on the company’s operations and investing heavily in developing new service offerings. With increasing trust in BSNL’s performance, the company strives to satisfy its shareholders’ expectations by delivering excellent performance and exceeding expectations. There are at least three distinct groups of people involved in the day-to-day operations of a business. This includes capital market stakeholders (shareholders and key capital providers), product market stakeholders (main consumers, suppliers, local community, and labor unions), and organizational stakeholders (all employees, non – managerial and managerial) (Michael, 2020).

Financial and legal authorities have been an invaluable resource for BSNL when it comes to creating improved financial reports that can be shared with all stakeholders.  Additionally, it contributes a portion of its earnings to the upliftment of India’s poorest parts of society through effective Corporate Social Responsibility. For the benefit of the company’s workers, a work environment that is favorable to their success is being created. Customers appreciate the promptness with which BSNL5 has introduced new services that have proven to be beneficial to them. Employees have been provided with a work environment that encourages them to perform high (Prasad, 2016).

BSNL’s primary issues, such as long activation times, frequent rate changes, and poor service personalization, have taken a significantly greater toll on the company. Management at BSNL has reacted fast and strategically to technical developments taking place in the telecom industry so that resources may be used effectively by battling its competitors. As a result, their company’s total performance has been boosted by well-crafted marketing techniques.

In order to produce more traffic, BSNL Corporation has to increase the number of subscribers, improve network usage, and give improved value added services to existing customers. BSNL Corporation has handled its social and political responsibilities to a much greater level in order to build its technological and organizational capacities. For the Indian market’s telecom industry, BSNL Corporation has developed the correct strategy to preserve its dominant position. Customer expectations are met by providing flexible registration, introducing door-to-door service, and entering the market.

Since its inception, the BSNL Corporation has been responsive to the needs of its customers by introducing innovative products and services. BSNL Corporation has exceeded the customers’ expectations. As a result, the company’s contact centers, metro-based telecom offices, and the introduction of high-speed internet services like 3G and 4G have helped to elevate BSNL to the position of being the finest telecommunication company in the country. Paying their bills online using an ATM or debit card saves customer’s time. With the support of BSNL Corporation’s low-cost services, more customers are taking advantage of the company’s offerings by signing up for new services (Srivastava & Shainesh, 2015). As a result, the BSNL Corporation’s total success has been positively influenced by consumers regularly.

Strategic partnerships were formed by merging with MTNL to focus on revenue maximization methods by decreasing costs and constructing a lucrative business model that effectively meets the expectations of all stakeholders on a timely basis. A better company model is built by satisfying the expectations of all stakeholders.


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Srivastava, S. C., & Shainesh, G. (2015). Bridging the service divide through digitally enabled service innovations. Mis Quarterly39(1), 245-268.

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